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Sports events live, whenever and wherever you want: That’s DAZN. The live sports streaming service has been present on the German market since 2016 and promises plenty of variety for sports fans. What big events can you see at DAZN? How much does the membership cost? And how well does the livestream work? I looked at all this for our DAZN test.

Test now 30 days for free


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What is DAZN anyway?

DAZN is a paid streaming service that brings big sporting events live to your screen.

The live streaming of sports events is now nothing new. For example, you can follow the World Cup live on the Internet on various platforms. DAZN, however, connects the live broadcasts with programmes and summaries on demand and offers the whole thing on a subscription basis, modelled on Netflix and Co. DAZN is therefore also known as “Netflix des Sports”.

The name DAZN comes by the way from the English term “Da Zone”. That’s how DAZN is pronounced. The “zone” refers to a state in which an athlete concentrates entirely on the game or his next action. In German, this could best be translated as “tunnel vision”.

DAZN has been in existence since August 2016. The British Perform Group founded the streaming service and currently offers it in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and Japan.

What can you see at DAZN?

Football live and in summary
DAZN advertises to show more than 8,000 sports broadcasts per year. But what sports and competitions are these?

In fact, sports fans can look forward to some highlights. Since 2016 and until 2021, for example, DAZN has held the broadcasting rights to the British Premier League for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Previously, the broadcasting rights were held by Sky Deutschland.

Complete matches of the German soccer Bundesliga can not be seen on DAZN yet. Since 2016/2017 and until the season 2020/2021 DAZN is allowed to show summaries of Bundesliga matches. The summaries are ready 40 minutes after the final whistle. Since 2017/2018, DAZN has also held the broadcasting rights for the so-called highlight reports, which were previously held by

From 2018 to 2021 DAZN has another highlight in its program: Together with Sky, the streaming service shows the Champions League matches. According to the agreement DAZN is allowed to show the first legs from the round of 16. Sky broadcasts 34 games live and shows conferences, DAZN broadcasts 104 games live, but without conference.

DAZN: Overview of sports & tournaments

From the 2018/2019 season, DAZN will also be showing the UEFA Europa League matches in Germany and Austria. The broadcasting rights shall again be valid for three years.

Fans of international football will also get their money’s worth. DAZN shows games of the:

Sky Bet Championship
Danish Super League
Italian Series A
French Ligue 1
Spanish LaLiga
South Korean K League Classic
Ukrainian Premjer-Liha
Serbian SuperLiga
Scottish Scottish Premiership
Belgian Jupiler Pro League
Croatian Prva HNL
The streaming service also broadcasts friendly matches and national cup competitions.

DAZN is not only worthwhile for football fans

Football fans can therefore choose from a wide range. But what if you’re not into soccer? Is a DAZN subscription still worthwhile?

At least the livestream provider has many other sports in its program. If there is something for you, you have to decide for yourself. There is to see:

American Football of the NFL
Basketball of the NBA, the Basketball Champions League and national leagues
Baseball of the MLB
Boxing, world championships as well as show fights
Darts, including the World Professional Darts Championship and the Premier League Darts
Ice Hokey of the NHL and the Champions Hokey League
field hockey
Motorsports, including the ADAC GT Masters, Formula 4, Indy Car and more
Tennis, among others WTA, Davis Cup and Fed Cup
Mixed Martial Arts
various extreme sports
In addition, there are documentaries such as a Mario Götze documentary, interviews and various background reports.

Test now 30 days for free
DAZN Packages, Costs and Payment Options
DAZN is available as a subscription as described above. Per month you pay 9,99 €. This gives you access to all live broadcasts, documentaries, interviews and highlight reports.

Don’t you know yet if the DAZN offer is really something for you? No problem, you can test the streaming service for one month for free. If you don’t like the program, simply cancel the trial month. If you want to stick with it, you don’t have to do anything. The trial month is automatically converted into a subscription.

DAZN accepts a wide range of payment methods:

direct debiting system
Credit card (MasterCard and Visa)
Apple iTunes
Amazon Pay
On which devices can you use DAZN?
Of course you can watch the sports broadcasts of DAZN on your desktop computer or laptop. The livestream provider supports all common browsers. If you use Firefox, you have to install the Silverlight PlugIn.

There is an app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Prerequisite is Android from version 4.4 or iOS from version 8.0.

DAZN supported devices
DAZN also runs on the following devices:

Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire Tablet
Android TV
Smart TV: LG Smart, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips
Sony Playstation 3 and 4 and Xbox One
With one account you can use up to six different devices. Even on multiple devices at the same time, if your Internet connection is up to the task.

How do you register with DAZN?

Registering with DAZN is totally uncomplicated and takes about two minutes. To create your account, first enter your name and email address and set a password.

DAZN Registration

The system will immediately take you to the next step. Now you can choose your means of payment. Don’t worry: A debit will only be made when the free month has expired.

This completes the registration process. You can watch live streams or recordings directly. You don’t have to confirm your account yourself. DAZN checks your legitimation via the chosen payment method. All you get is a friendly welcome email with some information about the streaming service.

Test now 30 days for free
DAZN under test: How well does live streaming work?
If you return to the start page as a registered user, the livestream starts immediately. You will also find some categories from which you can now choose.

As a rule, several live broadcasts run in parallel. The category “What’s going on” shows you the current streams. A small, red “live” sign in the teaser image indicates a live transmission.

On the start page you get some other categories teased. This includes documentaries, recommendations selected by the DAZN editorial staff, frequently watched programmes and a preview of the upcoming programme.

Of course you can also navigate to the desired programme via the main menu. The left navigation consists of only three sub-items:

You can also filter the preview by sports again.

On the far right you will find the links to your account, to the help area, to the imprint as well as to the logout under the item “Menu”. There is also a full text search. If you enter a search term, DAZN suggests different categories and streams.

In the footer there are still some important links to the FAQ, the data protection and terms of use and further background information.

Image and sound quality with DAZN
According to DAZN, the streams are transmitted in a resolution of 720p or 1080p and thus in Full-HD. This is independent of whether it is a recording or a livestream.

The exact resolution depends on the connection speed. For 720p transmissions, DAZN recommends an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps. For a transmission in 1080p at least 9 MBit/s should be available.

DAZN automatically adjusts the resolution to the available bandwidth. If this is not sufficient for HD transmission, DAZN automatically switches to standard quality. That sounds practical, but I would have liked to have been able to adjust the resolution manually.

In the test the picture in the livestream jerked first, the picture quality changed several times from a higher to a lower resolution, presumably due to fluctuations of my Internet connection. I would have liked to have simply set a permanently lower resolution in order to be able to view the stream without interference. Another attempt on the next day did not cause such problems any more and the livestream ran flawlessly.

The recordings could be played back without difficulty at the first attempt. All shipments can be paused, fast-forwarded and rewound on request.

You can’t create favorites lists and an offline mode is also missing. Livestreams are also available afterwards. So you can watch the Premier League Friday games on weekends, for example. If you don’t have much time at the moment, just have a look at the cut in the highlight reports. The link will be displayed directly below the video.

The sound quality left nothing to be desired in the test, but of course it also depends on your speakers.

The DAZN app
I also looked at the DAZN app for the test. You can download them free of charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Here you can download the app directly for iOS …

DAZN Sport Live Stream
QR code
DAZN Sport Live Stream
Developer: DAZN
Price: Free of charge+

DAZN: Sports & Football Live Stream
QR code
DAZN: Sports & Football Live Stream
Developer: DAZN
Price: Free of charge+
DAZN: Sports & Soccer Live Stream ScreenshotDAZN: Sports & Soccer Live Stream ScreenshotDAZN: Sports & Soccer Live Stream Screenshot
The view resembles the browser view, also the menu is similarly clear. I could play livestream and recordings without any problems and without jerking.

The app synchronizes itself with the DAZN website in the browser. If you’ve watched half of a show in your browser and suddenly have to leave, you can just seamlessly continue watching it in the app on the go.

Practical: The DAZN app offers an “alarm clock”, i.e. an alarm function. Don’t want to miss your favorite sports show? In the program preview, click on the clock symbol in the preview image of the desired program. As soon as the show starts, DAZN will send you a push message. I missed such a reminder function a bit on the website.

DAZN abroad
You don’t want to miss a game of your league even on holiday? If you are staying abroad in Europe, this is not a problem. You can log into your account from anywhere in Europe and view the program of your home country.

Help and customer support at DAZN
The DAZN website and app are intuitive to use and relatively self-explanatory. If you have any questions or if something doesn’t work as you’d like, you can take a look at the DAZN Help and FAQ section. Here you will find answers to the most common questions about registration, payment and use. The explanations are really detailed and understandable.

Your problem isn’t there? In the help section you will also find a link to the contact form and a live chat where you can get personal advice.

How can you cancel DAZN again?
A big advantage of DAZN is that you can take out a subscription, but you don’t have to accept a long contract. Your membership can be cancelled at any time. And it’s easy, too.

Cancel DAZN
If you no longer wish to use your account, simply access your account on the website. There you will find a button “End membership”. If you cancel before the end of the trial month, your access will continue until the end of the trial period. So that you don’t forget when the free trial month ends, DAZN shows you the expiration date in your profile.

In addition, DAZN offers another practical feature: You can pause your membership. Is the league you’re following on summer break? Or are you a bit short of cash at the moment? Then simply activate the pause mode. If you click on “End membership”, you will be offered this option. You can set the date from which your account should be active again. The break can be up to four months long. During the break there are no costs for you.

Your cancellation or break will be confirmed by DAZN via e-mail.

Conclusion on the DAZN test: Large selection with only minor weaknesses
DAZN – the “Netflix for Sport” – offers a really large selection of different sports programmes. You still have to do without live matches of the German Bundesliga, but there will be broadcasts of the UEFA Champions League starting this year.

With 9,99 € per month the subscription is quite cheap. The free trial month and the uncomplicated cancellation have attracted my attention. A nice extra feature is the possibility to pause the membership.

The website and the app are straightforward and uncomplicated and can be operated intuitively. I have missed a few functions: For example, there is no possibility to create a favorites list and an offline mode is also not available. If viewers could adjust the transmission quality manually, this would make the livestream even more comfortable. Too bad that’s not possible.

Apart from these minor points of criticism, DAZN is a great platform for all sports fans who don’t want to miss any transmission of their favourite sport.